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Subject: Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory joins UC WIT committee
To: UC WIT committee
From: Carolina Manel Romero
Send date: 12/4/23

UC WIT colleagues,

We are thrilled to announce the expansion of the University of California Women in Technology Committee (UC WIT) to include Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab), marking a significant step in our mission to promote gender equity and inclusivity in the tech industry. Please help me welcome new committee members Arica Chhay, Lisa Claus, Tuyo Davis, and Wei Feinstein representing Berkeley Lab. In their own words, here is their inspiration for joining and why they feel it is important to be part of UC WIT:

  • “I’m interested in supporting equal opportunities and representation for women and other underrepresented groups in the tech industry.” — Arica Chhay, IT Web Services
  • “I look forward to connecting some of our local efforts at Berkeley Lab like our Women in HPC chapter as well as the Women’s Support and Empowerment Council (WSEC) with wider UC initiatives.” — Lisa Claus, High-Performance Computing
  • “I want to participate in dialogue and problem-solving to address obstacles, including gender bias, that women may face in the male dominated profession of IT.” — Tuyo Davis, IT Support Services
  • I look forward to a network that supports women in IT. I am excited to share ideas and help promote and support women in the IT community.” — Wei Feinstein, High-Performance Computing

Berkeley Lab stands as a global symbol of scientific excellence and innovation in Berkeley, California, and is recognized worldwide for pioneering team research since its founding in 1931. Notably, the Lab boasts a diverse and inclusive workforce, with a strong presence of talented women contributing to science solutions for the world through cutting-edge computing and technology. The UC WIT community at Berkeley Lab is supported by the Women’s Support and Empowerment Council employee resource group and aligns seamlessly with UC WIT’s mission and vision.

Established with 17 locations, our committee has grown to 18 with the addition of Berkeley Lab, amplifying our efforts to empower women in technology across the University of California. In the weeks ahead, we will continue to invite more voices to our table. A call for volunteers will go out in a UC IT Blog article focused on the importance of volunteering and letting the UC community know how they can get involved. 

As we embark on this new chapter, we eagerly anticipate the inspiring collaborations, empowering initiatives, and shared successes that lie ahead. Together, we will continue to dismantle barriers, advocate for inclusivity, and foster a supportive environment where women in technology can thrive. Welcome, Berkeley Lab – let’s shape a brighter, more inclusive future together!

In partnership,

Carolina Manel Romero
UC WIT Chair

Berkeley Lab