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UC WIT has developed initiatives to advance the professional goals and provide educational opportunities for women in technology at UC. These initiatives include published articles, networking events, and professional development workshops. They aim to support and empower women in technology, helping them overcome barriers and achieve their career aspirations.

Through its various initiatives and partnerships, UC WIT works to ensure that women in technology have the necessary resources and support to succeed.

Womxn Rock IT

In celebration of Women’s History Month, the UC Women in Technology (WIT) committee publishes a yearly “Women Rock IT” article to recognize the outstanding contributions of women in IT at each UC campus. These inspiring stories serve as a testament to the thousands of women who drive and support the IT that underpins the UC mission.

Historically, women have been underrepresented in the field of information technology, but the UC system is proud to have a growing number of women who are making significant contributions to the field. These women are key players in ensuring that the UC system stays at the forefront of technological innovation, and they serve as role models for other women who are interested in pursuing careers in IT.

By sharing their stories, the UC WIT committee hopes to inspire more women to pursue careers in IT and to continue the trend of increasing diversity in the field.

UC Tech

UC Women in Tech organizes a yearly presentation at the UC Tech conference with the primary objective of uniting our IT community across campuses and facilitating collaborative learning. As a proud participant in the annual UC Tech conference, we are dedicated to making our presence felt and enhancing the sense of community among Women in Tech across the University of California. Our mission is to deliver talks that are both educational and enlightening, emphasizing the importance of shared experiences and the wealth of knowledge within our diverse group. By actively engaging at the UC Tech conference, we aim to strengthen the bonds within the UC Tech community and provide valuable opportunities for women and allies to glean insights, exchange ideas, and grow collectively.

UC Womxn in Tech Speaker Series

UC Women in Tech proudly conducts the Celebrating Womxn in Tech Speaker Series annually in March as part of our Women’s History Month celebration. During this special series, we invite esteemed speakers to share their insights on key issues related to women in the tech industry and advancements in technology. By aligning the series with Women’s History Month, we aim to contribute to the celebration of women’s achievements, highlight their significant contributions to the tech field, and inspire meaningful conversations that propel us towards a more inclusive and equitable future in technology. This initiative underscores our commitment to recognizing and celebrating the vital role of women in shaping the narrative of technology and innovation.